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Depowered Race Steering Rack

* TIG welded torsion bar ( no play ) - Eliminated upwards of 30 degrees of play. Imagine steering having that much more precision.

* Eliminated lines on the rack and toe and from as well as the internal piston
* All new seals and snap rings
* Steel housing and vent tube is POR15 treated
* Brass or stainless or aluminum plugs where applicable
* Loaded with hi moly synthetic grease
*Partly filled with life-long heavy weight synthetic lubricant to keep the seal happy and insure a long life.
* The shuttle is vented to allow low effort manual steering
* The modified shuttle allows splash lubrication at near lock to lock operation
* Custom steering lock limiters spacers are available
* Saves your expensive race slicks from contact with inner fender liner or brake lines on frame.

NeonGoodies Depowered Race Steering Rack

** Built to Order **

NeonGoodies Depowered Race Steering Rack

* This shows a early model with shuddle valve completely removed. Current builds feature a modified shuttle for better splash lubrication of the seals.

95-99 DIY Kit: Complete set of block off plugs, seal kit with new snap ring and new replacement plastic plugs. - Discontinued!

The preload plug and pinion plugs are cemented in place. Pick at the glue and HEAT up slightly to have a poor chance at taking it apart! Most will break or strip during removal

14:1 ratio racks can be sources from late 80, early 90's dodge cars. Typically called out at 2.7? lock to-lock - part numbers to be added later as reference. These can be added into later neon rack body - 14:1 pinion will fit a 18:1 rack housing - if I recall correctly.

FYI: All 2G racks appear to be same ratio, let's call it 18:1. Difference being spacer blocks on end to limit travel. Save yours to maintain OE steering clearances.

Looking for cores? Early 2K cars has "skinny" tube rack that must be paied with correct bushing. Save it or you will have HARD time finding a replacement - they are pricey pieces of rubber, about $30 NEW.

DYI KIT - Race Rack

Customer cores or rebuilt units MUST arrive CLEAN and free of grease or grime. Dirty cores will NOT be repainted. Please degrease, scrub and clean before shipping. Drain as MUCH oil as possible.

Got a rack you want converted ? I will send you shipping instructions after order is received. Send only the rack with inner tie rods removed to save on shipping. Should be approx 12 lbs with all fluids removed. You'll need 26 x 11 x 6 size box. Strap rack to old piece of wood and some plumber strapping and few screws.

You will get back new band clamps with your rack, so be gentle on the boots. You can rent band clamp pliers from many chain auto parts stores for deposit cost of the tool, ie free when you return it.
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$ 349

NEON /SRT-4 Race Rack Conversion - Customer Provided Core

Includes Return Shipping - USA Only

All other locations or configurations - contact for best pricing.

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