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1995 - 1999 Dodge Plymouth Neon Adjustable Polyurethane Bushed Bobble Strut

Note: Bushings will be black (not blue as shown)

ATX to MTX Swap Bracket


Got a 2000 to 2005 and are tired of wheel hop destroying that perfect launch, I got the solution for you: Tranny mount insert

Bobble Strut Bushings:

Tired of that solid engine mount rattling the last bit of patience out of you and your interior panels?

95-99 Adjustable Bobble Strut w/ Polyurethane bushings

Designed with a little comfort in mind. Upper & lower mounts have urethane bushings in them to reduce amount of vibes transmitted to the chassis. It still provides the same function as solid bobble with MUCH less vibration!

This "bobble strut" mount is torque limiting device that keeps your engine from rocking backing n forth in the engine bay. In certain race situations you may want to preload the boble strut to further reduce wheel hope. This is considered useful in drag racing and for taking time off your autox times by reducing wheel hop. Because this piece is solid, no preload will be needed for street cars. It is mounted at the top with polyurethane grommets (left) and polyurethane bushings (right) to help keep engine vibration to a minimum.

It fits 95-99 NEON, as well as many other chrysler FWD's. This piece replaces the rear transaxle to k-frame shock mount. Fits Daytona, FWD Chrysler Laser, Shadow, Sundance, LeBaron, Lancer, Spirit, Mini Van

Aftermarket weld-on U-bracket shown (weld on atx k-frames for swaps), Only works with bobble strut shown above and must be ordered at same time as the bobble strut due to unique configuration. Will not work with stock OEM bobble strut unless you cut bushing to shorter length.


95-99 Adjustable Bobble Strut $ 75
Weld-On U Bracket (atx swap) $ 24
Replacement Bobble Strut Bushings $ 20







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