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Dual Cam (DOHC) Intake Manifold & Throttle Body Spacer

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Manifold spacer takes advantage of available clearance underneath the manifold to expand the plenum volume. Recommend you use RTV silicon to seal the manifold halfs as the OE stock paper gasket does not have provisions for the rib between runner 2 and 3.

Throttle body spacer moves the TB up off the manifold allowing extra volume for air flow to achieve more laminar flow. It's no secret that manifold setup on 1st gen neon is not perfect. This mod effectively moves the throttle body up half inch allowing more direct path before the turn into the plenum.

Manifold spacer can be purchased separately from the throttle spacer. Throttle spacer does not fit a DOHC manifold without the manifold spacer. If you decide not to purchase throttle spacer, it allows you to run larger diameter pipe to feed the throttle body.

Dyno results show what your butt dyno will confirm around town driving, it has more low end torque! Use a veryy small bead of rtv sealant or you will end up with unsightly and performance robbing bead of silicon on the inside of your manifold which will not help you make that power. This is the manifold that was on the dyno, so its easy to see that there were a few more ponies in there if the extra silicon had not beaded out.

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