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Air Oil Separator / Catch Can

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This cathc can features a expansion chamber that reduces velocity of the air traveling though it causing suspended oil vapor to drop out and collect at the bottom. Back in 1995 DCx provided this feature stock on all SOHC (single cam) neons. For reasons unknown to me it was eliminated in following years. It benefitted the engine in many aspects. It kept oil out of the intake manifold which reduces occurance of detonation on high compression motors and those running aftermarket turbo kits. Guessing for reason of cost, it was dumped in favor of the style PCV system characterized on all other neons built after the 95 SOHCs.

This catch can system is similiar in function to the 95 air oil separator. My design incorporates many of the benefits of the 95 system. Emissions friendly as it is not vented to the atmosphere, although it can be converted to such duty, for track use only of course. Turbo neons can benefit from this system as well in that with couple of check valves, the PCV system can remain functional out of boost and vented when in boost.

A great add-on for SRT-4 crowd to help keep oil out of the intake manifold. Increased presence of oil in the intake manifold, not oily gums up the valves, but increases chances of detonation.

Price is $49, which includes priority shipping.

Out of stock - working on next back right now 2 /15 /2007 (3 to 5 days till finished)


Push-To-Connect rubber tubing is thickwall design capable of extreme temperatures, pressures and vaccum and high quality push to connect brass fitings..

System includes a threaded drain plug or push to connect plug to allow easy removal of oil separated from the air stream. Easily integratable into any engine bay.

$10 Additional shipping charges to Canada, Hawaii, Alaska






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