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1995 - 1999 Dodge Plymouth Neon Monster Racing Hollow Tube Tech Swaybars

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Front bar = 1 1/8" ( ~29mm )
Rear bar = 1" ( ~25mm ) and features adjustable stiffness

Don't forget to pick up a set of trick new 1995-2005 / SRT-4 Neon Rear Swaybar Mount Hardware

Monster Racing Swaybars achieve the goal of increasing stiffness and maintaining stock swaybar weight by taking advantage of torsional properties of hollow tubing. Designed with larger diameter tube and relatively thin sidewall it yields much higher stiffness than solid steel bar, while reducing weight of the component. This is the first set of swaybars made for 1995-99 neons using this technology. This is more expensive to manufacturer and typically seen on many pro race cars, from Miatas to Porsches. Now your neon can have a set too.

Results are easy to gauge: Bar that weighs the same as stock front 22mm swaybar yet is three times as stiff!

The swaybars will be provided bare in bare metal - perfect for your favorite color or powdercoat. No coatings, no mounting hardware will be provided. Part numbers for the installation hardware are located in the FAQ at Stock bushings can be drilled or dremel to accept the larger diameter bar (or you can purchase new ones below).

Currently: S O L D - O U T / No More! Any orders will be refunded minus $15 processing fee.

Once current stock expires, I will setup a link to allow you to add yourself to a waiting list for the next batch. I will need 10 confirmed orders before I can order the next batch.

Front & Rear Monster Swaybar $325
F & R Bushing Set $39

Swaybar Shipping to CANADA/AK/HI $15

If you intend to pay with a Postal money order, inquire about the special price. Typically $5 to $10 less than listed price. Listed prices include shipping!

Please contact me via email for payment options.







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