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12Tooth Trigger Wheel
Air Oil Separator / Catch Can

Dash 3D Inserts

Lowering Springs

Canton Windage Tray
Canton Oil Pan
Cluster Trim Pods
Big Brake Kit
Monster Swaybars
Fuel Rail Adapter
Iceman Spacer

Other Points of Interest:

99 R/T
R.I.P. 11/5/2001
98 Expresso
Old Race Car

Current Project Car:
1998 R/T


Follow the links for more information! Devilishly good
little race car!


Welcome fellow Mopar Car Nuts and other enthusiasts alike!

With new season of racing comes fresh batch of goodies for our beloved neons

  • Monster Airdams
  • EGR Kits
  • Manifold and throttle spacers
  • Rear Sway Brackets and Endlinks

Race Car Maintenance and Upgrades

For 2014, the polyurethane vertical bushing and sleeves will be replaced with Moog's new Problem Solver Ball joint style replacement bushing. This should help with steering input and directional stability. I'm hoping to get more than year out of them compared to PU bushings were were regularly getting shredded. Moog part no. K200791 - $20 to $30 each, two needed per car.

Inspecting frotn end after NJMP ( New Jersey Motorsport Park ) Videos Here I saw that dust boots on front calipers were burned and cracked, ie due for replacement. Paint on Hawk Blues has turned white - yeah, they warmed up a bit.

Here you will find my eclectic collection of well designed, tasteful goodies for your NEON. I am more than happy to share my hobby of owning and modifying my NEON with you. Shipping is available worldwide!

This website uses PayPal Checkout system. Using PayPal is free and allows you to pay with credit card, debit card and even a check!. Don't have Paypal, not a problem! Simply click on parts you want to buy, a pop-up window will give you total, print this out. E-mail me and i'll provide you my contact information for submitting payment via check or postal money order.

Orders are shipped out as soon as possible, bear in mind that could be up to a week or two. If you need it faster, order from somewhere else. Short of raising prices, service will be what it will be. Be patient, you will get your goodies. I get allot of email and sometimes don't get a chance to go through the inbox for days, sometimes weeks!

The race season is almost BACK. Turbo PT Swap 98 R/T is alive and kicking! The 195/65R14 from Dunlop are toast. Debating which tires to put on Kosei K1 Racing 15x7 5x100 or sell them and go with some 16x7 with larger range of tires available.

Here's photos from the events:

MSNE @ Meadowlands 4-24-2011 by Perry A. from

Please Note: What I do here is a hobby. I only devote limited amount of time to producing, shipping, designing these parts.

Some other go fast goodies for sale:

  • Electromotive NEON ITB Kit w many improvements - $2200
  • TWM Airbox w 3" pipe and Dryflow AEm Filter
  • Low profile custom Fluidyne radiator
  • AEM EMS 30-1900 w custom wiring harness for ITB Kit and 12 tooth trigger wheel
    • EGT
    • Wideband
    • Oil pressure
    • Oil Temperature
    • in addition to usual MAP, coolant, air temp sensors
    • It runs on a 12 tooth trigger wheel with cam sync for coil on plug ignition and sequential fuel injection.

98 Neon R/T ITB 2.1L to Turbo Project Log

Want to RACE your NEON??
There are hundreds if not thousands of clubs across the US that hold autocrosses, road race schools that give you a safe, street safe approach to competitive driving. best of all, at the end of they day, you still have a driver's license. One wreckless driving ticket can practically pay for a season worth of fun behind the wheel. prepare to have spare set of tires as they seem to wear the fastest. Don't be stupid, leave the racing to the tracks, not the street. Autocross is low cost sport anyone can get into. Courses are layed out in large parking lots and you go against the clock to get best possible time. Driver seat time is KEY! A lousy driver with fast car will still be slow. Get out there and practice

Ready for a little bit more SPEED!
HPDE is what you want to look for. There are many organization across the US that hold events open to the public at many of this countries greatest road courses. From Road Atlanta, Mid Ohio, to Lime Rock and even wildly popular Watkins Glen! Get behind the wheel - no better place for you.

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