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In effort to install a better fitting intercooler.

Tools needed:

* some wrenches
* some 1 x 3/16" aluminum flat stock
* plasma cutter
*pencil and square

New Spal fans and shroud

Ah, plenty of room, easily 3/4" of clearance.

Remove old intercooler, use jack to hold new intercooler in it's location. This will require that crash beam gets modified slightly. Use large pencil to trace outline of intercooler and mark end tanks. Use a spray can or similar to create a nice round corner.

The result: gets you about 1/4" clearance all the way around. All factory bumper cover bolt location are retained.

What ends up on the chopping block:

Drill and relocate the vertical bumper cover hold down clamp nuts. Trim and redrill bumper cover tabs to match.

Fabrication Z shaped mounting tabs to secure intercooler to the crash beam.

Transfer location of center line and drill thru. Looking at it now, I could have easily drilled thru the steel crash bar and then marked the center on Z bracket. I did it hard way. Drilled Z bracket and then transfered dimensions and location to crash beam - ah hinde sight!

The end result: tucks in nicely and much more out of the way.

And the almost new old intercooler. For sale!

Includes mounting brackets shown. - SOLDD

So the less than 2 year old Odyssey battery died - in a spectacular fashion, boiling out and expanding, putting nasty acid in places you don't want.

So choice was, replace it with another Odyssey PC680, or less expensive alternative!

Thanks - almost next day delivery and about 60% the cost of a PC680 - dropped right in. For anyone else interested it's UPG Part No. UT51913-22. -22 means screw terminals (preferred vs the metal tab w hole thru it). Car fired right up (comes precharged, AGM and can theoritically be mountd in any orientation, althought documentation says upright is preferred. Hold down i fabbed for Odyssey still worked.