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Mileage is very accurate, I'll have to put up with 120mph speed for next 30,000 miles :) that is when srt-4 cluster I have will reach 40K miles.

There it is. a 2.0L turbo in a 1G neon. Using srt-4 intake + k&n intake filter

MVI_4461 4MB Video

Monster Airdam installed behind the intercooler.

Interior before the 2G radio install. took a 1G radio, removed mounting bracket and heat fused them into a 2G radio. Heat molded the 1G bezel to allow 2G radio to fit.

PCm and battery in temporary location, will finalize as time permits. maybe trim the hoses a bit.

Unfortunately, the clutch I had in the ITB neon cannot handle the turbo motor torque and it slips in the upper gears.

ACT Clutch to the rescue!

Cleaned up wiring and new battery tray:

Boost leak what boost leak. Daddy right there, i fix!

Jackstands were used in the production of this documentary.

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